Musica Universalis

A lot of Greek and Catholic liturgical arsenal were taking from the Cathars. In one word their music can be called celestial, of pakibytie (not of this world). The Cathars were teaching: external words are only a cause for the sacred silence, for the revelation of Christ as Logos. Wait for the hour when the mysterious Lord visits you and embraces you as his bride with peace, kindness, love, and perfect wisdom.

And the same is with the way of praying. The Cathars had their own favorite motets. They often gathered in circles and were praying sweetly and in raptures for changes of souls.

But they considered that the Music of Kingdom is superior to external singing aloud, and this music is something beyond the reach of assessed orthodox octoikh and catholic missals.

"The Music of Kingdom” meant the stage of opening of spiritual ear and anointing Christ’s wit for hearing angelic motets. The Cathars reached stages where harmonies of heavenly spheres were revealed to them.

There was no such music on earth. It was brought to the Cathar throne for the first time. The music was coming not from earth to heavens and not even from heavens to earth, but it was entering pakibytie. It’s better to call it the music of Heavenly Kingdom , an insonation of an eternal idea in the Wisdom of Three Persons.

Anodyne light of Cathar music could be reached only with the full depuration of mind and inner ear. The stage of Cathar musical spheres was given by prophetical charisma. Listening to Cathar music is as rarely wonderful as hearing God’s voices. Actually, it is God’s voices in action.

The music reflected the way of thinking among wise angelic ranks. It is a throne of Sophia, of superior justice; it is a way to approach the inner of Deity, the spiritual temple of our Most High, the way to ascend to heavens even during the earthly days.

Cathar music was ineffable by human language. The Cathars were literally filled with musical harmonies. They were alive music of the world themselves, a symphony of messianic epoch. Their every gesture, look, smile was symphonically wonderful, musically perfect.

They easily went to their funeral pile, to suffering for their beloved preceptors. They understood that love would only multiply through their passion sufferings. And in the end an universal fire of love would spread, and the prince of this world would be banished away.

Universal Cathar joy will come! The Cathar civilization and Cathar God will oust Rex Mundi, and there will be no single baptistic-funeral office. Saints will descend to earth en masse, and the earth will change.

New earth and New heavens meant for Cathars heavens without prince of this world domination and the earth without his damned contrivances.

"The reign of our Most High has come!" - repeated Cathars, applauding during night prayer after long conversations and seminars. - "The Reign of our Most High is in action! What could be more, right? Halleluiah!"

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